The Peter Tork Memorial MONKEES Convention
"We will make the world shine"


Wendy Erdman-Surlea knew Peter Thorkelson since early childhood. As their birthdates were close together, they celebrated birthdays together. Growing older, they stayed friends and enjoyed many combined Erdman and Thorkelson family gatherings.
In 1970, Peter’s brother Nick and Wendy were both in New York City. Wendy was performing with a small band and living in a rehearsal loft on West 30th Street where friends would gather for jam sessions. Nick, like Peter, was a gifted musician. He played piano with Wendy and her guitarist loft-mate on a regular basis. As the recording dates approached for Wendy’s album, Peter came into the city from L.A. and played on the record.
Peter became famous through his work as one of the Monkees, but Wendy noted that his performance talents were a mark of his effervescent personality throughout his life. Wendy considered him to be a brother and has many fond memories of their times together.
She writes, "I know he is singing with the angel choir now, but his time on earth left a profound footprint on the American musical fabric. Boogie on, Peter."

Official Charity of the Event is the one Peter designated:
IMA - The Institute for The Musical Arts in Massachussetts.



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This is a convention for fans put on by fans. Not officially endorsed by The Monkees, or their families.