The Peter Tork Memorial MONKEES Convention
"We will make the world shine"

John Sheridan is a seasoned musician with quite the pedigree. As a singer/musician, he released some records early on in his career. He was the first solo performer at the earliest Monkees Conventions in New Jersey (produced by Maggie McManus).

In 1982-83, he played & sang in the band MonkeeMania, performing in New Wave clubs and special events, and performed with Peter Tork nearly 40 years ago at the 1982 Monkees Convention. (In 1984, John also performed with Davy Jones on TV's "Uncle Floyd Show".) He currently works with Gretsch instruments and is pleased to be back in front of a convention audience for the first time since 1987!

Official Charity of the Event is the one Peter designated:
IMA - The Institute for The Musical Arts in Massachussetts.



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Telephon: 203.795.4737


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This is a convention for fans put on by fans. Not officially endorsed by The Monkees, or their families.