The Peter Tork Memorial MONKEES Convention
"We will make the world shine"


Renowned Monkees tribute band The Blue Meanies, from Staten Island, NY, headline the convention. Although their live set-list normally encompasses classic rock from several decades, they are best known for their Monkees sets, having been invited to play numerous Monkees conventions and also chosen to be the official band for the Davy Jones tribute at BB Kings in New York. The beloved musicians have also played out with their Beatles and Beach Boys tribute shows at such heralded festivals as "Danbury Fields Forever" and "Abbey Road on the River." They recently performed at the Nezfest, and are honored to be the official band of the Peter Tork Memorial Convention for Monkees Fans.

Official Charity of the Event is the one Peter designated:
IMA - The Institute for The Musical Arts in Massachussetts.



Info: Email
Telephon: 203.795.4737


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This is a convention for fans put on by fans. Not officially endorsed by The Monkees, or their families.